Cash Out

Withdraw money from your 663 Account at any 663 Mobile Money Agent Point open longer banking hours.

How to Use:

Walk into a 663 Mobile money Agent. You can recognize the Agent 663 Mobile Money sign and ask if the Agent has sufficient cash with him/her for you to Cash out. Once confirmed dial *663# and let me menu guide you..


  1. Ask if the Agent has sufficient cash for the amount you intend to cash out form the 663 Account.
  2. Agent will request you to fill the Agent Register and show your NRC.
  3. Dial *663# and select “Cash Out” from the menu
  4. Enter Amount, Agent ID displayed on the 663 Mobile money sign and confirm the transaction with your mPIN.
  5. You will receive a confirmation SMS at the same time Agent receive his confirmation receipt. Now you can receive cash from the 663 Mobile Money Agent.


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